Future Leaders: On Campus Experience

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What is the Future Leaders program?

AIESEC’s Future Leaders program is an on campus learning and development platform created by students, for students. While gaining your degree you can also gain professional experience by volunteering with AIESEC in Lund. As part of this program students will work behind-the-scenes of the world’s largest student-run organisation.

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Volunteer as a Global Citizen


What is a Global Citizen internship?

AIESEC’s Global Citizen is our international volunteering program. Students have an opportunity to have an intense, cross-cultural personal development experience, while working with NGOs’, Schools or Start Ups in one of 126 different countries! You have an opportunity to be an agent of change in society by creating a positive social impact.Read More »



AIESEC in Lund welcomes on board our newest business partner, Europe Language Jobs! A team of young, dynamic and creative individuals passionate about working in Europe and who believe in the value of having language skills and international experience as prerequisites in both professional and personal development.

Founded in 2013, European Jobs have an impressive reach in 48 countries, boosting a database of about 50,000+ applications and have contributed to placements in several business sectors including but not limited to, Engineering, Information Technology,Pharmaceutical; Sales, Marketing and Finance.

AIESEC in Lund strives to continually connect with companies such as these with a goal to promote a more dynamic and culturally vibrant world.

WEBSITE https://www.europelanguagejobs.com/




Pitupi – Good clothing for kids


Every product has a story, an intricately woven tale that takes you back in time to when the inspiration for the product was gotten, how it was made, and the people who contributed to each part of it. Sometimes we pause to consider this when, for example, we purchase a piece of art- like a sculpture or an oil painting. But how many times do we stop to reflect on this when we drive a brand new Mercedes or try on an elegant dress??

Pitupi, a baby and children clothing company, not only designs baby outfits made from all organic material,  they also offer -to their costumers- a unique opportunity to take a journey through time, so that with every baby garment purchased,  information from how every button or zipper was sewn, to who sewed them and when,  is provided along with each garment.

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Three traits Swedes need when moving to Hyderabad, India.

A greeting from Yasmin who has gone to India for her AIESEC volunteer experience. She brings us some valuable insights to the adaptations we all must overcome, when we move to a new environment.


1. Patience

In Sweden we live by the motto ‘time is money’; and we never waste our precious time. Everything is improved to become as efficient as possible. Here in India living by that motto would make you poor as… Because time is not something that can be taken for granted here. 10 Indian minutes is equal to 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, sometimes and the next day. And going from one point to another in Hyderabad, if not nighttime, means that you will be stuck in traffic. If the car is moving you’re lucky, speed isn’t even an issue since it is impossible to drive fast here. And the people are so chill and relaxed. I don’t know what to write about the people because it is a mystery for me, what is going on in a Hyderabadi mind? I don’t know… but what I do know is if you share a cab and need to get to work fast the other people in the cab won’t give a sh*t. You just have to wait patiently for that person who didn’t think one step ahead to get money from his friend who also will take his time before coming. During this time the traffic has become worse and your time is ticking away. So take a deep breath and repeat after me: Woooosaahhhhh!

14997004_10153877787741196_897971412_n2. Flexibility

Planning is a skill that many people lack over here, or should I say sticking to plans? Be prepared to cancel, reschedule or adjust the plan. Lets say you’ve planned to go out; there will most probably be a change of time, location, or/and even the people you’ve planned with. So being flexible (and patient) is important if you still want to hang out with these people. In Sweden I would never be ok with someone changing plans or cancelling in the last second, but here I guess I have no choice but to accept it. It has even gone so far that I’ve become unable make any fixed plans. Everything is floating and I loosely make my plans in order to decide which plan to go for in the last minute. And you know what?

When you let go of the fixation on plans you’ll find yourself enjoying the spontaneous life more


3. Courage14958629_10153877790081196_1424231065_n

..is much needed when you’re moving from point A to point B in this city. Crossing a road
full of cars coming towards you with no means to stop will require some braveness. Sitting on a bike that is driving in zigzag will require some braveness. Riding a car that is speeding, breaking, honking, and almost driving on top of people will also require some braveness. Simply the traffic over here is one of the things that will be shocking for a Swede and you will need courage to survive. Courage… or someone to grab on to, who can lead you while you close your eyes, scream and blindly cross the road.

Do you want to go on an international volunteer experience too? Do you have the urge to develop yourself, explore your leadership potential, and learn from other cultures? Sign up with AIESEC today to learn more: http://www.opportunities.aiesec.org

Emilija from Lund to Italy: My AIESEC Journey

13045665_10205957831894197_291839212_nI really love travelling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, visiting new places and just going on an adventure. But what I love the most is a possibility to experience the true local life rather than travel as a hop-on hop-off tourist. This is one of the main reasons why I have decided to go on a Global Community Development Program (GCDP) project with AIESEC.

After two weeks spent in an ancient Italian city of Ancona I can truly say that going on an AIESEC project was the best decision ever! In Ancona I’m working with a group of students, who are developing an internationalization plan for an Italian company. The company that I’m responsible to prepare the analysis is making graphic design, prototypes, technical mapping and small-scale production for high fashion designer shoes. Read More »

Tips for how to sell your university experience

Here are AIESEC’s top 4 skills that employers are looking for when you apply for a graduate position.

As a student we try to pack in as much as experience while studying, but it’s difficult to consolidate every experience! This could include volunteer experience, a leadership role, and academic achievement, you’ve had into a page CV or a 30 minute interview!

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Why this survey matters to the United Nations!

Wondering about life after graduation? How do I go from being a student to an employee?ItsTimeToShape.jpg
And how can I make a difference?
Are you asking yourself these questions? Do you want to share your thoughts and insights? Than this is the perfect chance! By completing the Youth Speak survey you can address the United Nations directly and let them know what is going on in the minds of the millennial generation today.

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5 Reasons to Go Abroad with AIESEC

Students everywhere know that you need to have international expereince along side your university degree. The benefits of working abroad are too many to count, but AIESEC has 5 reasons why you should have an AIESEC experience on your CV!

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Gertrude in Lund

From Zambia to Lund: Our Vice President of Incoming ExchangeFL Logo

Home to one of the seven wonders of the world (Mighty Victoria falls), is a beautiful tropical country called Zambia, it is located in Southern Central Africa and has about 14 Million inhabitants of which I am one of them. I am of the bantu speaking tribes that settled in the Northern part of the country after been defeated in war, but that is a long story all together about how it all went down and my fore fathers had to give up the fight (grab me aside and I will narrate the fights). However I am now living in Zambia´s capital city called Lusaka.

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Elena in Lund

FL LogoFrom Finland to Lund: Our Local Committee President

Originally, I’m from the capital area of Finland, but the Baltic Sea Archipelago is where I feel at home. Most of my extra time I like to spend by the sea, and I absolutely hate living inland. Despite my love for the salt water, I didn’t become a pirate, but moved to Skåne to study Global Politics.

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Anna in Lund and Brazil

FL LogoFrom the U.S to Lund: Our Vice President imgresof Outgoing Exchange and Global Citizen volunteer!

My AIESEC story is perhaps a more unusual one – it began with the desire to go on a volunteer internship and is now both that and a leadership position as the Vice President of Outgoing Exchange. Although first inspired by a combination of wanderlust and my studies in International Development, AIESEC has now become a extremely meaningful part of my life.

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