Global Talent: Professional Internships Abroad


What is a Global Talent internship with AIESEC?

AIESEC’s Global Talent program is an international professional internship program that combines the rewarding benefits of a practical working experience with the outstanding opportunity of being immersed in a completely different culture.

global-talent-catalogue-january-2015-12-638You can start your own 3 to 12 month-long professional internship at any time during the year – an ideal option is when you have finished your university studies. You can go abroad with AIESEC within two years after you have finished your degree.

AIESEC responds to the job market’s needs by providing companies worldwide with specific global HR solutions. We therefore, have a preference in terms of the profile of candidates we recruit, being IT, Teaching and Marketing graduates. However, AIESEC also offers positions in other fields as well. To find out if AIESEC has an internship available for you check out our database at

AIESEC in Lund will help you get abroad by providing:

  • Access to our internship database, many of which are renowned companies and NGO’s
  • Support with cultural preparation for your internship
  • Logistical support with visas, insurance, accommodation and travel
  • Airport pickup
  • An AIESEC representative from both sides – sending entity (Sweden) and hosting entity (country of your destination), who will also guide and assist you throughout the duration of your internship
  • When you’re abroad AIESEC will organise activities and social events to help you settle into your new home
  • An AIESEC internship certificate and access to an alumni network of over 1,000,000 people!

If you want to discover the world and gain professional experience AIESEC in Lund can help you have an opportunity of a lifetime! Check out our opportunities at or email us at


Author: Lauren McIntosh


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