Anna in Lund and Brazil

FL LogoFrom the U.S to Lund: Our Vice President imgresof Outgoing Exchange and Global Citizen volunteer!

My AIESEC story is perhaps a more unusual one – it began with the desire to go on a volunteer internship and is now both that and a leadership position as the Vice President of Outgoing Exchange. Although first inspired by a combination of wanderlust and my studies in International Development, AIESEC has now become a extremely meaningful part of my life.

These past six months have gone by so quickly – my reception into the AIESEC community has been rapid. During this time I have been able to participate in an organisation that fosters youth leadership skills at home and abroad by facilitating international exchanges. This is something that I am truly proud to be a part of.

Originally hailing from the United States, my journey to Sweden stretches back much further than my time at Lund University. However after beginning to study a wide range of global issues on a daily basis IMG_3302through the Bachelor in Development Studies program here in Lund, I was craving an international experience that would give me practical career skills in a development-related area.

This is where AIESEC came into play. Although seemingly just the by-product of a random Google search, I found the Global Citizen program to be just what I was looking for. It is because of this that I am able to write this post from sunny Brazil, where I have been working on an NGO development project for the past 4 weeks. The work is varied, challenging, and I cannot deny that the language barrier is frustrating at times! However the positive impact that participating in the Global Citizen program has on both the community here in Brazil and my personal development is extremely evident.

Anna while volunteering as a Global Citizen in Brazil

When not working at my internship, much of my time is devoted to yet another facet of AIESEC – namely my role as Vice President of Outgoing Exchange. My responsibilities are centered around guiding future exchange participants through the internship application process. This is done through organising interviews, meetings, contract signings and mentorship sessions in order to help people find internships that match their profile.

I am also in contact with AIESEC members around the globe in order to establish partnerships for future internship opportunities. My time in Brazil has given me great experience in how to most effectively guide others through the exchange process, and I am truly looking forward to the coming year!

Anna Wangen
Vice President of Outgoing Exchange

If you’re interested in joining our local committee then apply to become part of our team! Just follow the link at  AIESEC in Lund and apply! Our next round of applications will be finalised in September 2016.


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