Gertrude in Lund

From Zambia to Lund: Our Vice President of Incoming ExchangeFL Logo

Home to one of the seven wonders of the world (Mighty Victoria falls), is a beautiful tropical country called Zambia, it is located in Southern Central Africa and has about 14 Million inhabitants of which I am one of them. I am of the bantu speaking tribes that settled in the Northern part of the country after been defeated in war, but that is a long story all together about how it all went down and my fore fathers had to give up the fight (grab me aside and I will narrate the fights). However I am now living in Zambia´s capital city called Lusaka.

Just like any many African countries, Zambia boasts of good climate, wildlife, safaris, nature, water, good hospitality and well lets just say make it your number one tourist choice destination next summer holiday.

AIESEC BLOG PIC 2Travelling has always been one of my greatest fascinations, when I moved to Lund I needed to find ways that would best suit budget travel and hours of Google search directed me to AIESEC, not only was this “eye sec, Isaac” offering me budget travel around the world but it was offering professional skills, leadership development skills and they were looking for new talent to join the local committee in Lund. Not being exactly sure what the organization was about, at that point I just knew I wanted to be part of this organization that was offering exactly what I needed and more. I then made an application to join the Communications Team and today I am the Local Committee Vice President for Incoming Exchange.

My major role as Incoming Exchange Vice President is to create andAiesec blog3 maintain relationships with companies who may be potential partners. I also hold business meetings in order to find internship placements for international students coming to Sweden from all around the world. On the other hand, I ensure that these students that come to Sweden are quickly integrated into Swedish society. Part of my other responsibilities include coordinating with other Incoming Exchange Vice Presidents in Sweden, team leading the incoming exchange department in Lund and awesomely been part of the AIESEC family *it´s really like my family now.*

In return AIESEC has given me travel opportunities that I have never imagined. Through international and national conferences, professional training in sales by Dale Carnegie Sweden CEO-Brit Friman, a massive pool of friends from around the world, lets just say, “secretly dump me in any part of the world, give me Wi-Fi, and I will definitely have a home with an AIESEC family. ” Apart from all the many skills and experiences I have gained from AIESEC, I am always grateful to the organisation for developing me to have an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset. I guess it is safe to say, “I am a Future Leader.”

Gertrude Chilufya
Vice President of Incoming Exchange

If you’re interested in joining our local committee then apply to become part of our team! Just follow the link at  AIESEC in Lund and apply! Applications close at midnight January 31st 2016


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