Why this survey matters to the United Nations!

Wondering about life after graduation? How do I go from being a student to an employee?ItsTimeToShape.jpg
And how can I make a difference?
Are you asking yourself these questions? Do you want to share your thoughts and insights? Than this is the perfect chance! By completing the Youth Speak survey you can address the United Nations directly and let them know what is going on in the minds of the millennial generation today.

Young people around the word are not satisfied with what they are getting out of their University experiences in connection to their future goals. Therefore, we need to focus on understanding the hopes and challenges surrounding various issues which involve young people like us. By 2030, the way the world will be shaped depends on us!

To reach and shape the world, outside our comfortable student zone, is possible. We just need to work together and speak about issues that we think are important. No matter what you want to speak up for, you can do it here and inspire thousands of other voices to speak up.About.png

To give you an impression of the questions you will be answering. They vary from; Who do you think has the strongest ability to influence society? Or; Do you think your society will be in a better or worse state 15 years from now (by 2030)? All questions address issues in society that matter worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for?
-It only takes a few minutes
-Answer thoughtful and interesting questions
-Make a difference!

Let’s Go!

AIESEC will make sure to represent the youth at UN meetings and let our voices be heard. In May 2016, a Youth Speak report will be published including results from this survey.

On the Youth Speak Blog you will find more intriguing personal stories of youth speaking up.

Youth speak blog link: http://youthspeak.aiesec.org/blog/

Author: Ingeborg de Vries



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