Tips for how to sell your university experience

Here are AIESEC’s top 4 skills that employers are looking for when you apply for a graduate position.

As a student we try to pack in as much as experience while studying, but it’s difficult to consolidate every experience! This could include volunteer experience, a leadership role, and academic achievement, you’ve had into a page CV or a 30 minute interview!

Independence and Confidence  

What employers want to see is that you’re comfortable in your own skin!
Before heading into that interview you should understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what your career goals actually are. Someone with a clear sense of direction will give a great first impression!

Also don’t be afraid to show your personality, because companies are looking for people they want to work with. Be that interesting person you know you are, because no one will remember the robot with standard answers.


Communication skills

This is one is commonly mentioned by employers.
It is important to have strong communication skills and to be able to listen, write, and speak well. You will be dealing with lots of different people, so interpersonal skills are paramount. You can showcase this through experiences where you’ve effectively worked with a diverse team of people.

This is where your AIESEC or other student association work will come in handy! With all this experience with inter-cultural communication and liaising with different groups, you will have plenty to say about your communication skills!

Cultural competence

You need to be able to show that have Cultural competence, if you want work in an international environment, whether that be at home or abroad.  Employers want to see that  you understand and value diversity, and be able to collaborate with people from different cultures.

This is something that AIESEC can help you out with!
As the best way to showcase cultural competence is through first hand experience. How about volunteering for a health or teaching project abroad? Demonstrate your own personal growth by embarking on a leadership development journey with AIESEC! Learn more about going abroad with AIESEC by checking out Jennifer’s internship in Paraguay!


Non-academic experiences
It’s about more that just your grades! Grades help, but employers want to see that you can do more than study, that you are able to uphold a good work-life balance. Extracurricular activities show a lot about your time management skills too. Show employees that you’ve been a part of something meaningful; something that gives you personality!
Show them what you’re interested in and what you’re good at.

If you’re interested in gaining leadership experience before graduating, AIESEC has a number of different programs that can help students on their way to the dream job! If you want to see more information, then head to

Written by Lauren McIntosh

The AIESEC Leadership Development Model is the basis for all AIESEC expereince, whether this be on campus or abroad. AIESEC aims to provide leadership opportunities to all youth!