Emilija from Lund to Italy: My AIESEC Journey

13045665_10205957831894197_291839212_nI really love travelling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures, visiting new places and just going on an adventure. But what I love the most is a possibility to experience the true local life rather than travel as a hop-on hop-off tourist. This is one of the main reasons why I have decided to go on a Global Community Development Program (GCDP) project with AIESEC.

After two weeks spent in an ancient Italian city of Ancona I can truly say that going on an AIESEC project was the best decision ever! In Ancona I’m working with a group of students, who are developing an internationalization plan for an Italian company. The company that I’m responsible to prepare the analysis is making graphic design, prototypes, technical mapping and small-scale production for high fashion designer shoes. During this AIESEC project, I have a chance to interact with Italian students, teach them about different business models, conduct market researches and create strategic plans, at the same time learning myself about the local market and Italian way of doing business. This is definitely a rewarding voluntary experience.

12992939_10205957831694192_1079605354_nAncona is a nice small city located on the Adriatic coast. It is one of the main ports and the capital of the province of Ancona. I’m living in a truly multicultural environment together with other project participants from Colombia, Finland, Lebanon, Switzerland and Ukraine. Since the project is not a full-time job, we have plenty of time to explore the surrounding areas, amazing beaches, cozy villages or other metropolitan areas. I think Italy is a wonderful choice for GCDP because of its stunning architecture, sunny weather, delicious food and friendliest people.

13035544_10205957831774194_497177368_o (1)If you are still wondering whether it’s worth going on an international voluntary project with AIESEC, I can assure that it definitely is! So, take a minute to think about what kind of field you would like to work in, pick a country, pack your bags and GO!


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