Three traits Swedes need when moving to Hyderabad, India.

A greeting from Yasmin who has gone to India for her AIESEC volunteer experience. She brings us some valuable insights to the adaptations we all must overcome, when we move to a new environment.


1. Patience

In Sweden we live by the motto ‘time is money’; and we never waste our precious time. Everything is improved to become as efficient as possible. Here in India living by that motto would make you poor as… Because time is not something that can be taken for granted here. 10 Indian minutes is equal to 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, sometimes and the next day. And going from one point to another in Hyderabad, if not nighttime, means that you will be stuck in traffic. If the car is moving you’re lucky, speed isn’t even an issue since it is impossible to drive fast here. And the people are so chill and relaxed. I don’t know what to write about the people because it is a mystery for me, what is going on in a Hyderabadi mind? I don’t know… but what I do know is if you share a cab and need to get to work fast the other people in the cab won’t give a sh*t. You just have to wait patiently for that person who didn’t think one step ahead to get money from his friend who also will take his time before coming. During this time the traffic has become worse and your time is ticking away. So take a deep breath and repeat after me: Woooosaahhhhh!

14997004_10153877787741196_897971412_n2. Flexibility

Planning is a skill that many people lack over here, or should I say sticking to plans? Be prepared to cancel, reschedule or adjust the plan. Lets say you’ve planned to go out; there will most probably be a change of time, location, or/and even the people you’ve planned with. So being flexible (and patient) is important if you still want to hang out with these people. In Sweden I would never be ok with someone changing plans or cancelling in the last second, but here I guess I have no choice but to accept it. It has even gone so far that I’ve become unable make any fixed plans. Everything is floating and I loosely make my plans in order to decide which plan to go for in the last minute. And you know what?

When you let go of the fixation on plans you’ll find yourself enjoying the spontaneous life more


3. Courage14958629_10153877790081196_1424231065_n much needed when you’re moving from point A to point B in this city. Crossing a road
full of cars coming towards you with no means to stop will require some braveness. Sitting on a bike that is driving in zigzag will require some braveness. Riding a car that is speeding, breaking, honking, and almost driving on top of people will also require some braveness. Simply the traffic over here is one of the things that will be shocking for a Swede and you will need courage to survive. Courage… or someone to grab on to, who can lead you while you close your eyes, scream and blindly cross the road.

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