Gertrude in Lund

From Zambia to Lund: Our Vice President of Incoming ExchangeFL Logo

Home to one of the seven wonders of the world (Mighty Victoria falls), is a beautiful tropical country called Zambia, it is located in Southern Central Africa and has about 14 Million inhabitants of which I am one of them. I am of the bantu speaking tribes that settled in the Northern part of the country after been defeated in war, but that is a long story all together about how it all went down and my fore fathers had to give up the fight (grab me aside and I will narrate the fights). However I am now living in Zambia´s capital city called Lusaka.

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Elena in Lund

FL LogoFrom Finland to Lund: Our Local Committee President

Originally, I’m from the capital area of Finland, but the Baltic Sea Archipelago is where I feel at home. Most of my extra time I like to spend by the sea, and I absolutely hate living inland. Despite my love for the salt water, I didn’t become a pirate, but moved to Skåne to study Global Politics.

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Anna in Lund and Brazil

FL LogoFrom the U.S to Lund: Our Vice President imgresof Outgoing Exchange and Global Citizen volunteer!

My AIESEC story is perhaps a more unusual one – it began with the desire to go on a volunteer internship and is now both that and a leadership position as the Vice President of Outgoing Exchange. Although first inspired by a combination of wanderlust and my studies in International Development, AIESEC has now become a extremely meaningful part of my life.

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Future Leaders: On Campus Experience

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What is the Future Leaders program?

AIESEC’s Future Leaders program is an on campus learning and development platform created by students, for students. While gaining your degree you can also gain professional experience by volunteering with AIESEC in Lund. As part of this program students will work behind-the-scenes of the world’s largest student-run organisation.

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